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Personal Analysis: Dreaming Hula

Character Design Challenge is a monthly challenge hosted by Character Design Quarterly and is open to all artists interested in working on the prompt to show off their design skills. Each month applicants must work to a keyword or phrase and are expected to show 1 single character as the main focus but a few more are allowed to help push that character forward but can not draw attention from an obvious subject.

Matylda Kozera – Tarot – Digital – 2017
Jennifer Wuestling – Hippy – Digital – 2019

This months theme was “Hawaiian Dancer” and since I’ve finally got the spare time to work on a personal project this has slipped smoothly into my schedule, though after working so hard to finish my work for university recently I’m feeling pretty creatively drained. At the time I happened to be in an art block and found it hard to create a captivating design as well as composition, all my drafts felt empty and cold. In this post, I will be reviewing the design I contributed and explaining why I think it is bad and how I could change it or re-make something more captivating in the future.

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Whats new

What’s New?

A warm welcome to my first new post for a new blogging format where I will be updating you once (or more) a month with my recent endeavours, this way I’ll have more to fill you in on once a month when I let all the fun build up!

Image may contain: 7 people, including Beth Rose Robertson, Katie Marshall, Phil Hughes and Kate Sturrock, people smiling, people standing, hat and suit
Half the graduating class of BA (Hons) Illustration 2019 NCL

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My Return & Plans

Apologies for my absence this past month, this blog has been used since November as a part of my academic studies and was in the process of marking so I had to abandon posting for a moment while that was all finalised. In this post I want to go over a few things from this blog and how I plan on using it in my future.

My Past Posts

Over this year I have been using this blog as part of my dissertation towards my Bachelors Degree in Illustration, although I didn’t want my posts to stink of student writing so I tried my best to fit in everything I needed for my course while also keeping it entertaining and understandable for my audience. As some of you might know I like to share reviews and my opinions on some magazines, or online videos and tutorials, as well as artists and their artwork. Breaking down processes and theorising alternative methods or comparing what is there to my own processes, evaluating how I (or possibly they) could improve or change. Continue reading “My Return & Plans”

Social Media & Branding

8 Simple Rules: To Writing a Blog

This week I wanted to explore some of my experiences and intentions when writing and updating a blog. I’ve been writing blog posts on my art for 4 years and have written other blogs before that, however this year has been the first time I’ve really gotten into it with a clearer head and a better idea of running a successful blog. Within this list I will be detailing 8 steps to running a blog, these are somewhat in order but are build-able and interchangeable depending on you. This will be aimed at creating an art and illustration blog but may apply to other areas you want to blog about.

1. Establish an Audience

Before you get too into blogging you need to consider who it is exactly you’re aiming your content at, what type of art do you create? Is it NSFW? Is it 3-D, digital, traditional? What are the themes/context of your art?
You don’t have to aim your art at an audience, you should base your audience around what you want to create. For example, my art work tends to contain nudity (no sexual themes) meaning on a lot of places my content is restricted. For example my 2018 Space Carer is shown nude as a form of spirituality and naturism, but can only be view-able by someone with an account on Behance to prove age or needs to be censored to be posted on media such as Instagram and Facebook. Continue reading “8 Simple Rules: To Writing a Blog”


Creative CV: Research

I need to create a new CV that reflects my creativity into a readable written CV documenting my education, my qualifications, my passions, skills, and such. In this post I’m going to be looking at a few creative CV’s I found through google images and what aspects I have taken from them to help make a unique CV that stands out and illustrates my creativity through graphics.

Lenka Kubisova

I absolutely love these adorable CV designs in this leaflet layout, coming in this off white and brown variants look economical and with the simple design on the front I’m interested to see more. (Kubisova, 2014) Continue reading “Creative CV: Research”