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8 Simple Rules: To Writing a Blog

This week I wanted to explore some of my experiences and intentions when writing and updating a blog. I’ve been writing blog posts on my art for 4 years and have written other blogs before that, however this year has been the first time I’ve really gotten into it with a clearer head and a better idea of running a successful blog. Within this list I will be detailing 8 steps to running a blog, these are somewhat in order but are build-able and interchangeable depending on you. This will be aimed at creating an art and illustration blog but may apply to other areas you want to blog about.

1. Establish an Audience

Before you get too into blogging you need to consider who it is exactly you’re aiming your content at, what type of art do you create? Is it NSFW? Is it 3-D, digital, traditional? What are the themes/context of your art?
You don’t have to aim your art at an audience, you should base your audience around what you want to create. For example, my art work tends to contain nudity (no sexual themes) meaning on a lot of places my content is restricted. For example my 2018 Space Carer is shown nude as a form of spirituality and naturism, but can only be view-able by someone with an account on Behance to prove age or needs to be censored to be posted on media such as Instagram and Facebook. Continue reading “8 Simple Rules: To Writing a Blog”


Creative CV: Research

I need to create a new CV that reflects my creativity into a readable written CV documenting my education, my qualifications, my passions, skills, and such. In this post I’m going to be looking at a few creative CV’s I found through google images and what aspects I have taken from them to help make a unique CV that stands out and illustrates my creativity through graphics.

Lenka Kubisova

I absolutely love these adorable CV designs in this leaflet layout, coming in this off white and brown variants look economical and with the simple design on the front I’m interested to see more. (Kubisova, 2014) Continue reading “Creative CV: Research”


Image Comics: The most interesting publisher

Image is one the the leading publishers in graphic novels in the modern sense of comic books according to a list from, along side the pioneers of comic book publications Marvel and DC among others. (Albert, 2018) The publishing company was founded in 1992 by Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino, all of which were high profile artists working for Marvel at the time. The team ultimately left Marvel and would go on to tell DC they’d never work for them because of the way artists were paid and treat at the time, having no rights to the characters they created or made into the pop culture icons they’d become. Jim Lee was said to be the key to the company in SYTF’s 2017 documentary “So Much Damage” where McFarlane described Lee as Marvels choir boy, the one they loved and kept a hold of opposed to himself who was a trouble maker for the company and someone they didn’t care about leaving. Lee however was an asset to Marvel as shown by his work on the first volume of X-Men, which grossed 8 million and remains the best selling comic book to this day. Continue reading “Image Comics: The most interesting publisher”

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Blog of The Year: Overview

My Post.pngFrom September to now you can see I’ve kept a busy schedule when you look at my blog, I’ve been documenting my processes through abstract conceptualisation, radial thinking, researching, development, and final outcomes. Looking through my posts this year you’ll easily find all the work I’ve been doing from the end of 2018 through the start of 2019, all of which contributes towards my University work as I am on my final year of study for my Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. Right now I am preparing for a presentation next week of which I will be discussing what I’ve been doing this year and how it’s helped my grow as an illustrator, and how I am preparing myself for my next steps once I graduate. Continue reading “Blog of The Year: Overview”


Review: Varoom Magazine

Varoom is a bi-annually magazine produced by the Association Of Illustrators which gives you a look into trendy artists and illustrators in the industry today and keep you up to date on news relating to the industry. The magazine has changed its format over the years a few times from newspapers, to magazines, and in this instance appear more like a comic volume in its printing format as some magazines do with larger content issues as stapled prints wouldn’t hold it all together.



This months theme is “Nostalgia” which is accompanied by a simplistic design on the cover illustrating a girl wrapping herself up in fabric with a content look on her face. When I first saw the illustration it reminded me of myself when I was younger as I used to wrap the heavy drapes around me for comfort and hug them. This was a safe and secure feeling as if in a heavy blanket but being held up apposed to laying down. Continue reading “Review: Varoom Magazine”

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My Adobe Award Submission

Last week I broke down a how to guide for creating an attractive Behance project page that Adobe want to see when applying to the Adobe Awards: Blog Post. In this post I’m going to be showing off and discussing my own project set up and why it meets Adobe’s standards.

Select Your Best Work

In the first section it mentions that Adobe suggest you use a minimum of 5 images, however the art collection I created only has 3 illustrations. To make up for this lack of imagery I not only broke each illustration up into 2 close ups, but discussed the event as a whole that they were exhibited in and the brand I and my peers created.
Within my project I included the main banner we used to promote our event, the image I used to promote my own survey, the logo our team created, flyers, and the zine we put together to act as a guide for the exhibition, along with my illustrations. This was not only to add more imagery to my post but also add context to the illustrations and show that they were displayed for the public. At the end of the page there is a collection of images that show the curation of the events display as a whole, and shows the public at the event.

shit fucking blog post 1.PNG

Continue reading “My Adobe Award Submission”

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How To: Make a Desirable Behance Project

This year is my final year as a student (unless i continue my masters in future) so now is my last chance to contribute art to competitions and events that are either students only or cheaper for students. One of the main competitions I want to involve myself in is the Adobe Awards, this is because Adobe is a huge company revolving around creative industries and are a great platform to get noticed on. Though my art is different to what they usually showcase I believe it is in my best interest to apply while I can.
Something I’ve worked on this year that I’m really proud of and love the composition and context behind it is my recharging illustration that was showcased at an exhibition myself and some peers hosted, A Canny Collective. I decided this would showcase my illustration as it has a beautiful colour concept along with expressions that show compassion and love between the 2 characters involved, just for me the illustration is calming and relaxing to look at. I class the illustration, along with the 2 others involved in the exhibition, as social illustrations as they are designed to appeal to a wide range of people as well as being conceptualised from public survey answers. Continue reading “How To: Make a Desirable Behance Project”