Something Changed

First of all, sorry for my absence. I never expected to be away from my blog for so long, my last update being October… Right now I am writing this from my new iPad Pro, as you might know I used to use a Surface Pro 4 which tragically passed in September following a years battle with battery damage. I recently had her in for a repair but when getting it back the battery was working but the repair centre had messed with the buttons causing them to do various things they should not, as well as some screen damage to where the screen flickers lines across it and will have shadowed apps open (almost like screen burn but it isn’t burnt).

I would have loved to have my surface back up and running a few months ago but after corrupting a file I had been working on for 5 days, losing all my work, I couldn’t trust her again. My original plan was to get a new Surface Pro 6 however with the price I couldn’t justify it. Over the past couple months I have been using my dads 2nd generation iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil I bought so I could work on some art while I find a replacement and strangely I started to like the product. Looking into it people don’t seem to say you need an upgrade from gen 2 to 3 but would suggest a gen 3 if you’re getting one from scratch.

Summer Inside – Digital – 2019

Now I haven’t been a huge apple fan at any point in my life. I preferred apple phones to android around the 4 and 5 models but I never loved the interface or the design of the phones, then after ditching my 5 for a Samsung S6 I was hooked on Samsung. The only apple products I’ve appreciated was their Mac’s and MacBook’s. During the reign of my Surface Pro I had been planning to start saving to build a PC for gaming and larger design work, but since playing with an iPad I will be getting a MacBook first so I have my portable devices and then will later start to build my big at home desktop. There is a lot I need to work out before I can get a larger at home PC so having smaller devices that can handle the work I do is important in the mean time. I’m glad I waited so long to move over to Apple for my design work as I’ve always been told they’re perfect for artists and I never questioned that but at this point in time there are much better products for me to utilise such as this new 3rd generation iPad. I originally ordered the 11” version but after seeing it in person I knew right away it was just far too small for me. I didn’t expect the difference to be so big and I instantly took it back to the supplier and got the 12” instead. The best thing is I got both of them from the place I work so when I ordered online I couldn’t apply my discount, however when I returned it and got the 12” in store I could get my discount applied meaning I came out with an iPad and a folio type cover with £100 left over! Talk about a bargain. While I was there I let my dad use my discount to get himself the new iPhone 11 Pro in the midnight green colour for just £765, that’s in brand new condition, in box with original accessories. If you’re considering the midnight green on this phone for yourself but unsure of it I would definitely recommend, I absolutely love the colour!
In a single day I went from convincing my dad to upgrade to the new Samsung s10 to taking him to get an iPhone 11 and honestly he seems happier to have his devices talking to each other again. Although he was loving Samsung the 3 years he was with them, he’s always been an Apple fanatic and definitely enjoys their products. His main reason for moving back however is he has had his car in for maintenance about 5 times this year because there is a fault with the Bluetooth that he needs as he drives around a lot while managing building sites. Turns out his Land Rover doesn’t like to use products outside of Apple so he’s felt his only option is to revert back.

Silver’s Room Concept Design – Digital – 2019

This has turned into a bit of a diary for me today but I felt like filling you in with exactly what has been happening. I actually have a day job now, where I have been working a lot more hours than I originally wanted to. I plan on getting at least 1 day off through the week in the new year so I can schedule doctors appointments more accurately and have a definite day a week in which I can get creative, update my blog, and get my portfolio looking better. Right now I am focusing on environmental designs to show how I can work a room together, showing personality and hobbies through props and composition. With these designs I will be making more than 1 version of some to show different times of day, mood and atmosphere, and showing the room being used, things being moved around, etc. With these environmental designs I will have the character(s) that interact with the space almost unnoticeable or out of frame, in one design I have planned the character will be asleep in bed but you won’t see them directly, only through the reflection of a mirror that shows a very small part of the bed. My most recent environmental design I didn’t want the character involved to be so front and centre, had my surface not died on me I had planned to have 2 more versions of the design, one with her asleep in a face down position with her room more of a mess, and not her with steam coming into the room from the left and clothes littering the floor and bed suggesting she is getting ready for a night out while in the shower (or maybe coming home from one).
As for the future of these designs I’d also like to work on some slightly animated ones, curtains flowing, cats tail wagging, coffee steaming, etc. Simple things that change a static image to a living environment. I look forward to experimenting and working on new things on my iPad and keeping you up to date on what’s good and bad with it as a replacement for a computer based tablet like my Surface Pro.

Thanks for keeping up with me and I will do better to keep up with you moving forward!

Memoji selfie from iPad

Quick update

This months post will be delayed as I just started a new job and will be busy 5-6 days a week. Also the artist I planned on interviewing had a change of circumstance in lifestyle right now so that particular interview is delayed until further notice.


My Return & Plans

Apologies for my absence this past month, this blog has been used since November as a part of my academic studies and was in the process of marking so I had to abandon posting for a moment while that was all finalised. In this post I want to go over a few things from this blog and how I plan on using it in my future.

My Past Posts

Over this year I have been using this blog as part of my dissertation towards my Bachelors Degree in Illustration, although I didn’t want my posts to stink of student writing so I tried my best to fit in everything I needed for my course while also keeping it entertaining and understandable for my audience. As some of you might know I like to share reviews and my opinions on some magazines, or online videos and tutorials, as well as artists and their artwork. Breaking down processes and theorising alternative methods or comparing what is there to my own processes, evaluating how I (or possibly they) could improve or change. Continue reading “My Return & Plans”


Creative CV: Research

I need to create a new CV that reflects my creativity into a readable written CV documenting my education, my qualifications, my passions, skills, and such. In this post I’m going to be looking at a few creative CV’s I found through google images and what aspects I have taken from them to help make a unique CV that stands out and illustrates my creativity through graphics.

Lenka Kubisova

I absolutely love these adorable CV designs in this leaflet layout, coming in this off white and brown variants look economical and with the simple design on the front I’m interested to see more. (Kubisova, 2014) Continue reading “Creative CV: Research”

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Online Portfolio: Building a Website

During my final months in university it is vital I prepare myself for the industry while I have the time, as well as getting feedback and a grade I’m using the time I have now as best I can to prepare my portfolio to show when I graduate. I am currently working on some illustrations that will help flesh out my physical portfolio as well as work as projects within my course, all of which I have had the opportunity to plan myself and base around what it is I want to do exactly to show my artistic niche.
Along with my physical portfolio I wanted to work on a website that will act as an online portfolio for applying to jobs online or for jobs that might be away from home allowing employers to see my work with context as it would be in a physical portfolio with me there to explain the pieces.

I first wanted to work with Squarespace as with it you can pay for a domain as well as hosting an online store within the website that is charged along with your regular membership, cutting the cost of using another store such as Etsy. Continue reading “Online Portfolio: Building a Website”


Speedpaint: Treat yourself Breakdown

To go along with this speedpaint video I originally planned to record a commentary (which I did) however due to the length of the video I thought it might would be boring and hard to fill with relevant enough dialog. When finalising the video however I ended up speeding more of it up for a shorter playtime dropping from original 10 minutes to 6 minutes, using the time stretch at 5 opposed to 10 (originally 100 = approx 111 minutes). Instead of a commentary I looked up some royalty free music to use in the video and wanted something that would compliment the characters personality, a few songs by Elephant Funeral being “Fuckinggg Leaveee” and “What I learned From Your Mother” I thought suit the character both in titles and in genre.

I loved working on this piece as it is inspired by a friend of mine and my old house share bathroom. The overall context is based on a few survey result answers where I ask the public about their unique views on companionship and the valentines holiday. This illustration has further direct breakdown linked below. Continue reading “Speedpaint: Treat yourself Breakdown”