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Animal Crossing: Achieving 5 Stars Easily

I’ve neglected my blog for a few months since Animal Crossings release and I am not about to apologise for it. I haven’t had much to blog about anyway since I have been spending so much time playing the game.

You might be thinking “why would you blog about animal crossing?” Or maybe “why discuss 5 stars when so many people already have videos?” and my answers are: 1. I want to, and more importantly, 2. Everyone seems to be saying something different. Recently there have been players data mining to see what exactly you need for a 5 star review. But yesterday I found out something contradicting and after posting about it on a forum I had helped so many other people get 5 stars in a few minutes!

What do you get out of a 5 star island?
When you first get a 5 star review Isabelle will give you the DIY for a golden watering can, with this DIY you will need a watering can (flimsy watering can and iron nugget to craft) and a golden nugget. Players have argued that the golden watering can is the only golden tool worth crafting as it lasts longer and you need the golden tool in order to grow golden roses.
Another popular item you get out of a 5 star island is the Jacob’s Ladder flower. Both are obtained by accomplish a 5 star review in New Leaf as well (the predecessor to New Horizons from the 3DS).

Over the past few weeks people have been making their islands 5 star rated by having:

  • 60 pieces of furniture (bought or DIY) placed on the island
  • 200 pieces of fencing
  • Lots of flowers
  • Upgraded stores
  • ZERO weeds
  • ZERO dropped items
  • Plenty of trees

One of the most important things to do when working towards a 5 star rating is to talk to Isabelle plenty, as she will inform you of changes to make such as too many placed items close to each other she calls “cluttered”, or the most common one is too many dropped items on the floors.

What is a dropped item?
Now a huge concern has been people complained that they cleaned up all their dropped items, these include DIY and spare furniture that people will place in a small area for visitors to take for free or to leave something in return. Dropped items such as materials, DIY’s, or anything you can drop instead of place can be put onto a surface instead. I like to use a stall to drop my free items as when these are dropped onto something they do not count as a dropped floor item!
I found out that the most common dropped items are simply shells on your beach, rocks by your boulders, and branches from your trees. Pick these up everyday to ensure your 5 star review stays and you island can begin to grow Jacobs Ladders.

I still have a few dropped items around my town such as fossils I drop in some of the wooded areas to emulate bird skulls that you would naturally find in forests, since I have very little they don’t affect my rating.
After sharing the surprise of just picking up the shells and such and sharing my findings to a forum I am in many other players replied saying it instantly worked for them too!

A lot of players like myself use weeds as a prop in our games, I have close to 300 weeds across my island as these add definition to an otherwise flat landscape. I also use weeds on hills or blocked off areas under trees so that branches can not fall out of them as it is a pain to have to get up or through to them everyday to clean up, this also helps block any fossils from spawning in hard to reach places and limits those irritating mole crickets!
So that rule of no weeds isn’t true! Weed to your hearts desire!

How many flowers is enough?
This is a hard one for me… I’ve seen islands that don’t seem to have all that many flowers having 5 stars but the trick to this is placing your flowers where you don’t see them. Some people will build cliffs that have nothing but flowers on just to meet Isabelle’s standards.
On the other hand I have seen islands OVERRUN with flowers that still haven’t reached that 5 star mark. It’s all about meeting all the standards and not just one.
As you can see I have plenty of flowers that are scattered around my island, most of them are placed alone and I try to have at least one space between them and also place them diagonally instead of side by side as I think this looks much better. I also have a few flower gardens such as the tulips surrounding a heart pond, a tulip breeding ground that Nana looks after on her hill top house, and I have an allotment where I breed mums, hyacinths, and most recently roses.

Again this is a hard one to answer as I have seen varied results. I’m unsure exactly the amount of fences I have (these are counted per piece you put down) but I would say it is around the 200 mark. I have a single fence type that I use across the whole town which is the country fence as it suits the style I am going for. I also have 20 stone fence pieces, 10 tall fence pieces, 10 brick fence pieces, and 20 of the original fencing that Nook gives you.
Using fences is very fun and creative, you don’t have to use them in the way you might be thinking (a square). I have used fences around my island between trees or cliff sides to act as a barrier between areas or a safety rail. Not like the characters will walk over the cliff but for a sense of realism and aesthetics. I use them sparingly in most areas just to add definition to an area or to break up some of the empty spaces.

Furniture is an easy one to keep up with, but if you don’t want too much on your island you could knock a few cliffs down on the back of your island to hide the furniture behind so it cant be seen, or hide it behind houses.
Outside of all of my villagers houses I have at least one item that I feel suits them well. Billy is the only villager with 1 item outside (a lantern) because he seems like a simple man, instead I put a gym area close to his house where he can work out. I love a good muscle beach.

The main reason I wanted to share this information is that I was so irritated I would need to clean up all of my weeds to achieve a 5 star rating that I was embarrassingly overjoyed when I didn’t! I hope this little post has helped and inspired you to work on your island more.

Patterns Used:
Wallflower Dress: MA-8266-1063-1911 / MO-YLXV-6M96-Q3S2
Soot Sprite: MA-1897-9840-4261 / MO-NG7D-JN8B-FT1P
Wooden Planks (left, middle, right, broken): MA-6352-6078-6250
Moss (1,2,3): MA-1498-9867-4838
Loos Stone Paths: MA-9331-7527-6993
Fairy Circles: MA-6352-6078-6250
Mushroom: MA-4471-1720-0257 / MO-XSW3-3VJB-KC0S

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Thanks for reading!

Please leave a comment below, did you find this post interesting or helpful? Do you have any criticisms? Should I open a twitter for my town and sharing inspirations/paths? Would you like my next blog post to be animal crossing related? My island has lore to it 😖🐇
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