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What’s New?

A warm welcome to my first new post for a new blogging format where I will be updating you once (or more) a month with my recent endeavours, this way I’ll have more to fill you in on once a month when I let all the fun build up!

Image may contain: 7 people, including Beth Rose Robertson, Katie Marshall, Phil Hughes and Kate Sturrock, people smiling, people standing, hat and suit
Half the graduating class of BA (Hons) Illustration 2019 NCL

So I’ve officially graduated from university and had a wonderful day celebrating with my friends and family, I’m so proud of all of us for coming so far and having eachothers backs in the mean time. Now that’s all wrapped up I’ve been applying for jobs left right and center, going to a handful of interviews and having a cry at the ones that wasted my time (looking at that one guy that wasted 9 hours of my life resulting in sun burn and blisters on my feet to send me away at the end of the day with nothing because I couldn’t start for a week. Something I made sure to talk about multiple times during my interview and the start of my stage 2 interview, but oh well I’m totally over that. 100%. Don’t even care. Didn’t write 2 pages about that in my rant journal.) I got a reply from Ubisoft saying they aren’t interested, followed by multiple job notification e-mails saying “Ubisoft wants you” knowing full well they definitely do not want me and have already rejected me. I have applied for a different position with them however and if they reject me again I might have to go burst their doors down and ram my CV down their neck demanding a job drawing Lara Crofts breasts in TR2 style, it has been my dream job since I was a young girl questioning my sexuality.

Other than being ruthlessly rejected from 70% of the jobs I apply to I have been considering the pro’s and con’s of ignoring my adult responsibilities for yet another year and applying to a masters course… Will that make a difference to my hireability? Honestly… No. Probably not. But I get student discount for another year which would mean the world to my overdrawn bank account since I’ve had to cancel my Adobe before they try and charge me £50 for being an adult. Also R.I.P my spotify playlists I’ve worked 3 years to perfect to my alternating moods and have downloaded for those desperate times.
If I were to apply to a Master’s I have a few options, I could continue Illustration at Edinburgh but wouldn’t be gaining many skills there as I’ve already studied illustration for 3 years. Middlesbrough have a concept art masters program which would help refine some of my skills however when it comes to concept art you have to be very good to succeed and even then it’s a hard job to find for a reliable source of income. Finally Northumbria is close to home and offer a Master’s in Communication Design which is a sought after skill in UI/UX design that a lot of places want right now, it would also help me brand myself to the best ability for my business cards and online presents, as well as help progress the same UX for my growing collective company.

official canny logo by Nicole Nicholson and Phil Hughes

Finally my team from A Canny Collective have met a few times this month to discuss future endeavours and what we want to do this year with the team to get the business going somewhere. We recently rebranded ourselves as to start fresh with all our new ideas, future direction, and to detach ourselves from that student way of life. Although we appreciate our roots and the challenges we have faced to get here we feel a new name and a new start will help us in our own minds grow into what we want to be.

first logo concept

Loose Tooth Studios will be our new brand in which we will have regular exhibitions that aim to support emerging artists and give more people a comfortable and trustworthy environment to network and gain some experience with showing art to the public. Each of us are new to the scene and hope to show students that they can do what we are sooner than they may think, we want to inspire and educate people in our craft as well as offering people with a different craft to ours to help out and do the same. For our exhibitions we hope to include more than just illustrators or fine artists but fashion designers, performance artists, photographers, potters, etc.
With these exhibitions we will document the process of gathering artists, finding venues, setting up (curating), and everything else that goes into putting on public events like these to share on our studio blog. This blog will have tutorials/guides, evaluations of shows, interviews with artists, research into trends within the industry, and more. The blog will then be adapted into a bi-annually or quarterly magazine but will have some extra articles that won’t be seen anywhere else as well as posters and discount codes to our stores, and more.
Soon we will be setting up a patreon in which subscribers will have exclusive access to online files that we use, as well as getting involved with online streams where we will host Q&A sessions with select artists, they will be able to vote for exclusive content in magazines or for topics/artists to be involved in workshop streams.
Workshops will be held at our studio where we will show you tutorials and walk you through how to make things like zines, screen prints, pin badges, etc. We will be able to host life drawing classes or show you techniques to better your art skills. These workshops will be open to the public as well as available online EXCLUSIVELY to patrons, those patrons will be able to ask questions in the chat to which there will always be someone on hand to ask these questions on their behalf so we may answer them live on stream and to those attending the workshops.

As for right now we are setting up our blog and will be setting up a crowdfunding service (with something like gofundme) in order to raise some money to afford our first few months in our new studio and some equipment we might need to get for that. We would appreciate any penny you can can give and all names will be stated in our first magazine, later patrons will be added to each magazine after that as well as getting a full page on our blog where you will be seen by all visiting (unless you ask not to be).




I hope you consider donating to my personal patreon in the mean time to help support my artistic journey. This money will be going towards feeding myself as well as producing merchandise for my online store, you can also find me on redbubble and bigcartel. If you can’t support with money you’re free to send some love and likes my way on my instagram, facebook and twitter. I would love it if you shared my work and links with anyone you think would appreciate them (always credit me) and thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you next month! – Katie

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