My Return & Plans

Apologies for my absence this past month, this blog has been used since November as a part of my academic studies and was in the process of marking so I had to abandon posting for a moment while that was all finalised. In this post I want to go over a few things from this blog and how I plan on using it in my future.

My Past Posts

Over this year I have been using this blog as part of my dissertation towards my Bachelors Degree in Illustration, although I didn’t want my posts to stink of student writing so I tried my best to fit in everything I needed for my course while also keeping it entertaining and understandable for my audience. As some of you might know I like to share reviews and my opinions on some magazines, or online videos and tutorials, as well as artists and their artwork. Breaking down processes and theorising alternative methods or comparing what is there to my own processes, evaluating how I (or possibly they) could improve or change.

From the start of November I have been updating my blog and since then my style of blogging has become way more personal, as I started by making short and to the point blog posts which were formulated as more of a list rather than a detailed evaluation. Going on past December I got way more involved in my blog and started to build my own formula for posts as well as a writing style that best suits me. We were encouraged to type in the way we speak however I started my blog in that way and found that I am not articulate enough in my everyday speech as well as heavily colloquialism, instead I adopted my “phone voice” as my writing voice.
What is a “phone voice”? I am from the North East of England, I live in a small village in Northumberland where the common dialect is Geordie with a twist. It’s common for a lot of people I know to put on a sort of “proper voice” or “posh voice” that sounds more intellectual and understandable. This is what I then adapt into my writing style, you might be surprised to hear how I talk in person compared to my writing style or even when I record myself. (Watch Geordie Shore I’m not like them as people but I talk like that most of the time) 

Where I Am Now 

I’ve officially got my grades back from university and will be attending graduation next month, you’ll be pleased to know I got great grades and will be graduating with a first (1:1). My blog got 71% which is just above a first but my presentation of what I’ve done this year with my blog was 78%, I got some great feedback on what my blog is now so that I can continue to improve it as I move forward on my creative journey.

My Future Posts 

As for the future of this blog I plan on keeping it updated once a month or more depending on what is going on in my life. Previously I have had weekly updates that show what I have been working on, what I have been researching, things that inspire me, etc. My future posts with contain similar topics and more as I progress in the industry, I will update more about getting a job and what to expect from interviews and such, as well as more insight to growing my portfolio and expanding on what I want to do to show how well I can do it. My blog will act as a way for me to document my journey, inspire others on their journey, give examples for people needing help or wanting to understand the industry, and it will also show my dedication to learning more in my crafts as well as my understanding of the modern creative industry and contemporary art so my future employers and peers can see how much I know and how I learn things and adapt my workflow.

As I won’t be updating here as often as I used to you might miss me but don’t worry I will still be very active on different social media, here is a list of my online accounts in order of activity:

My online portfolio: www.nosticart.com 
Become a Patron: Patreon
Online store: Bigcartel & Redbubble

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