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My Adobe Award Submission

Last week I broke down a how to guide for creating an attractive Behance project page that Adobe want to see when applying to the Adobe Awards: Blog Post. In this post I’m going to be showing off and discussing my own project set up and why it meets Adobe’s standards.

Select Your Best Work

In the first section it mentions that Adobe suggest you use a minimum of 5 images, however the art collection I created only has 3 illustrations. To make up for this lack of imagery I not only broke each illustration up into 2 close ups, but discussed the event as a whole that they were exhibited in and the brand I and my peers created.
Within my project I included the main banner we used to promote our event, the image I used to promote my own survey, the logo our team created, flyers, and the zine we put together to act as a guide for the exhibition, along with my illustrations. This was not only to add more imagery to my post but also add context to the illustrations and show that they were displayed for the public. At the end of the page there is a collection of images that show the curation of the events display as a whole, and shows the public at the event.

shit fucking blog post 1.PNG

Share a backstory, complimented by a Theme

The second point made is showing a backstory to the work displayed, of which I did with the events meaning and the brands ethics and values. I also went into brief detail with each of the illustrations I made explaining what they show, what they symbolise, and how I worked public survey answers into each of the illustrations to correlate with the events overall theme.
I gave the audience a look at how we worked as a team to build a collective brand to host our event under to make it a sustainable idea that could go on to host more events in the future. Looking into the different artists that worked to create the final logo and promotional designs, along with the decorations around the space and finally the art itself. Giving a look into the event as a whole however only detailing my own illustrations that I exhibited.

stupid blog.PNG


Flaunt the Medium

The third point made in the original guide is to show the final display output or a mock up of the desired medium (i.e. website, garment, etc). I didn’t need to show mock ups as we had already hosted the event and have plenty recordings to show for it. For our event however we printed black and white versions of our zine as a way to save money since they would be taken home by attendees, so to show the zine in a better light I reprinted it in colour (and regretted not going with colour the first time because it looked so much nicer). As I mentioned before I also added in photographs from the event space showing the overall display of all the art and decorations, along with merch and booze table. At the very end I showed another image of my own displayed art work. Along with these I have explained why we kept the walls so bare around the art as to not distract from the illustrations, however looking back if we’d had more time I would have loved to have vinyl designs behind all the work (something we spoke about at the start but knew we wouldn’t have time for).



Keep it Simple

The KISS principle is to keep it simple, down overwhelm with imagery or words which I believe I did considering the amount of type I could have included. I have explained this event so many times now that it’s becoming easier and easier to dumb it all down into a paragraph or two, however the illustrations I made are deeper than the event itself as they are derived from public survey answers  which play a huge role in their creation and I don’t want my audience to forget that these illustration are not just of my own mind but are in fact an accumulation of diverse love affairs and relationships. A piece I wish I had included as a fourth would have been a friendship, however the answers I got didn’t anything to guide a piece about friendship and platonic relationships which is why I thought it wouldn’t fit my plans to include in this collection.


Craft a Bio & Keep Your Gallery Fresh

The final 2 points mentioned are to fill up your account bio with information about yourself (or team) and to go on to continue filling up your gallery with more illustrations and stay up to date with the Behance community.
This is something I had already done and had been using Behance for a few months as a few of my inspirations in the art community use this site already, and I like the simplicity of having a Behance account that connects to MyPortfolio where I can keep both of them up to date simultaneously. beh.PNG


Issues & Evaluation

I didn’t even realise until creating this that each of my illustrations contains nudity to some degree, a girl in the bath, 2 in a river, and then a couple cuddling in bed in just their underwear. With all this I couldn’t avoid being classified as NSFW, I created a blurred version of the first illustration of the cuddling couple as that one shows chests where as the other 2 do not, but this wasn’t enough for the Adobe team as my page while being submitted to the Adobe Awards will be visible in many countries that have strict laws against such content. This is a huge disadvantage for me because I’m not confident my page is enough to win anything with this, and will now not be visible through Adobe’s website which is where I would be receiving the most attraction. The worst thing about this is that you can not see this page without logging in to or signing up for an Adobe/Behance account, being even more of a disadvantage and a feeling of wasting my time.


Overall I think this experience with setting up a behance project page to adobe standards will help me in the future setting up other projects like this as well as having a good overview of the event as a whole. I won’t be diving in deep on this event again because I’ve now made this external version on my Behance which is visible to anyone with a Behance account. However since the page is not visible to anyone not logged into the site I will be exporting the page as a PDF to be printed and handed in with my Semester 2 work to be marked along side my personal project “Brand Identity”.




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