Speedpaint: Treat yourself Breakdown

To go along with this speedpaint video I originally planned to record a commentary (which I did) however due to the length of the video I thought it might would be boring and hard to fill with relevant enough dialog. When finalising the video however I ended up speeding more of it up for a shorter playtime dropping from original 10 minutes to 6 minutes, using the time stretch at 5 opposed to 10 (originally 100 = approx 111 minutes). Instead of a commentary I looked up some royalty free music to use in the video and wanted something that would compliment the characters personality, a few songs by Elephant Funeral being “Fuckinggg Leaveee” and “What I learned From Your Mother” I thought suit the character both in titles and in genre.

I loved working on this piece as it is inspired by a friend of mine and my old house share bathroom. The overall context is based on a few survey result answers where I ask the public about their unique views on companionship and the valentines holiday. This illustration has further direct breakdown linked below.


Treat Yourself – 2019 Social Illustration

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